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First Time Home Buyer

Video: Three Insurance Tips for First Time Home Buyers

By January 28, 2011February 26th, 2019No Comments

For the past several months I have been thinking about doing a Baron Insurance video blog but I kept putting it off to write our traditional articles. This week my excuses for doing a video blog finally ran out when local Lancaster PA realtor Jeff Geoghan asked me to share some common pitfalls that home buyers in Lancaster county face when it comes to getting an effective insurance policy.

1. Know who you are buying insurance from. Over your lifetime you will spend ten-of-thousands of dollars on insurance. A source like is great way to find out what insurance companies have the best products, have the best service, and the ability to meet your needs before a claim ever occurs. 

2. Make sure you know what is included in your policy. All homeowner insurance policies are not the same and shopping purely on price can be dangerous. It is important to understand how much coverage is included, how a claim will be paid, what the deductible is and if their are any “special” coverages included.

3. Don’t wait until the week before settlement to start the insurance process. Many insurance companies require their own inspection of the property and certain conditions may require additional inspections by certified contractors. Jeff suggests getting the process started right after your offer is accepted.

Check out all of Jeff’s video tips and insights on his new YouTube channel YourLancasterHome TV. We hope to be bringing you our own video blog soon!

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