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Chick-fil-A Leadership Conference

Just Stop It!

By May 12, 2010February 26th, 2019No Comments

                Last Friday the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) along with Chick-Fil-A sponsored a “Leadercast”.   Two representatives from b.i.g. attended the event, and I happened to be one of them.  It was the kind of event to which I’d normally send a designee.  “There is just too much to get done and this kind of event is not worth the time”.  Have you ever been in that spot?  However, at the end of the day it was time well spent. 

             It was an enjoyable drive to the location.  It became a small adventure finding my way there and getting to see some open rural sections of Lancaster Co. that were unfamiliar to me.  Once there, entering the doors for the event, there was a buzz about the atmosphere that was energetic.  First impressions are important and my first moments were very positive.  My energy level continued to rise from just about everyone that greeted me.  It continued upon entering the social room for coffee and a pastry (or fruit for the healthy types).    To experience the chatter of attendees already in the room and the accommodating individuals at my table continued to add to the morning.

                Technology is amazing!  Being at a remote site was no barrier to communicating with the main location.  There were texting opportunities to ask questions.  There was an opportunity to give to a worthy cause through your cell phone as well as purchasing items for sale.  All this interaction could be accomplished from your seat at the telecast.

               But it was the telecast from Atlanta that made the day.  Each individual speaker and interview gave me something new or, at minimum reinforced things, already being done in business and my personal life.  There was something very refreshing to hear the “giants” in their professions talk openly, even passionately, about respect, hard work, compassion for others and character.  It was almost a pep talk like my college basketball coach would give before a game!    Some presenters actually fired me up.

          There were some takeaways too!  The presenters that connected the most with me caused me to order their latest books from Amazon.  Author Jim Collins’ presentation created a desire to really look at how things are done at b.i.g. on a daily basis.  He urged us to look at our business model and ask “What are we to STOP doing?”  Moving ahead is not so much a matter of our circumstances but our choices in a dynamic business environment.  Thus, there are times we must look at some things we do and “Stop”.  How we provide service or communicate with customers may need revised.  Our business model may be outdated and, as a result, we may have to stop doing something altogether.  It might be necessary to look for alternative ways to accomplish goals or to empower and entrust others to keep going forward.  The need is to move forward, always!

                At each of our places of business or personal lives, perhaps a break-through may come if we would “Just Stop It”.

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