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5 Roofing Tips Homeowners Should Know After a Storm

By June 30, 2011February 26th, 2019No Comments

Guest Post by Joe Heidler, President and CEO of J.V. Heidler Roofing Co.

With all of the bad storms the last few weeks we are getting a lot of calls about roof damage. Damage to your roof can take a few different forms. 

In extreme cases sections of your roof may be blown off and completely missing. The key thing here is to get some type of protection up there as soon as possible. This can sometimes be as simple as covering the area with a tarp.  Many of us remember after a hurricane went through Florida, all of the pictures of “blue roofs”. These tarps are only a very temporary solution though and are not meant to last very long. They are to protect the contents of your property until a more permanent solution can be arranged.

Other damage may be more cosmetic. Maybe a shingle blew off, or some gutter was damaged. Some damage may not even be noticeable from the ground. After a hail storm, small dents or punctures may appear in your roof membrane, metal flashings, or shingles. These are sometimes only visible by a close inspection on the roof. I would recommend that after a severe storm, that you have a local roofing professional examine your roof.

BEWARE the “Storm chasers”!  After any severe weather event they descend on an area like locusts. They come from all over the country and can be in an area almost overnight. They may even set up a temporary local office, so that they can use a local address.

Residential roofing contractors in Pennsylvania must obtain a license (they are relatively easy to get). Under the “Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act” proposals must include the approximate start and completion date. The proposal must also include a “Right of Rescission” which allows you to rescind the contract within three business days of signing with no penalty.

Contractors from your general area will be much better to work with. You can check with local references and maybe even look at other jobs that they have done over the years in your area. Chances are that they are members of local organizations and their reputation is very important to them.

Joe has many other great roofing and home maintenance tips on his blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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