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When we buy home insurance, we think just about our home.  When we buy car insurance, we often think only about our own cars.  We seldom consider our liability, the things that can happen that are either our (or our kids’) fault or that we are being held responsible for.  The kid who jumps our fence and gets hurt in our pool.  The car accident we caused that leaves someone else with a lifetime of medical expenses.  The pole we slide into on an icy day, causing a power surge through an entire neighborhood, knocking out TV’s, computers, phones and closing businesses.

We worry about the unexpected damage to us and our property, but the most costly and devastating losses occur when we are held responsible, taken to court, for someone else’s loss.  Who will protect you, and how much coverage is really enough?

That is why everyone should have the protection and safeguard of a PCL (Personal Catastrophe Liability) Policy.  A PCL is like an umbrella of liability coverage that adds to and goes beyond the liability limits on your home and auto policies.  With a PCL, when the worst accidents happen and someone holds you responsible, you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you, offering guidance and providing support for your legal expenses and your financial responsibility.

Now, that’s peace of mind.  That’s b.i.g!

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