Insurance For More…

Big Kid Toys…….

      • Motorcycles/Scooters
      • Boats/Ski Jets
      • ATV’s
      • Snowmobiles
    • Golf Carts

…and other important items in our lives.

      • Travel Trailers/Motorhomes
    • Utility Trailers/Horse Trailers

Most people have at least one of these fun (or useful) items in the household, though we don’t always think about insuring them. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, turning a wonderful outing into a problem-filled nightmare.

Each of these items requires its own specific type of coverage. Do you have the time to research and compare these specialty types of policies? We’re thinking probably not.

At B.i.g., we do the homework for you, providing a policy to specifically meet your needs for many different types of things designed to get us (or our stuff) from Point A to Point B.

Worry-free movable fun. That’s b.i.g!

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