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Oh Deer! Most Auto-Deer Collisions Occur in November

This time last November I was driving my father-in-law’s truck home from a Maryland vs. Virgina Tech football game. After starting our day at 6 a.m. and sitting in hours of traffic, we were finally making our way through the back roads of Marietta, PA and getting close to home. Then suddenly a deer jumped out of a corn field and it ran directly into the front of my father-in-laws truck. I remember my first thought being, “Oh my word, I just wrecked my father-in-law’s new truck!” (more…)

Don’t Let Your Home Insurance Leave You in the Rain

Photo taken by Kim Smoker

Recent heavy rains in Lancaster and surrounding PA counties have left many homeowners and renters with significant water damage. However, many homeowners and renters are finding out the hard way that most homeowner and renter insurance policies not only exclude coverage for a flood but many policies do not cover sewer, drain or sump pump back ups without an endorsement. If you are one of the fortunate people who did not experience a “denied” insurance claim for flood or back up, take time to understand how these 2 important coverages could protect your family before the next storm. (more…)