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Employee Theft: Don’t Roll the Dice

I love the Sunday newspaper.  Reading it on Sunday afternoons while watching football (or baseball) is becoming a favorite activity of mine.  Being in the insurance industry can sometimes give you a funny perspective on newspaper articles…  I read one recently that caught my eye. 

An article published in the Lancaster Newspaper on Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 by Associate Editor, Gil Smart, interrupted the game I was watching.  It was about two recent incidents of alleged employee theft.  Or, more simply, two businesses that had money stolen from them by former employees.  (more…)

Garage Insurance – Taking Care of Your Customers

Every garage owner, and anyone who ever takes their car to a mechanic or body shop, needs to be aware of how their insurance is structured as it relates to their customer’s cars.  A Customer’s Car is an automobile not belonging to the garage which is in the garage’s custody for care or service.  It could be my car in for an inspection, or it could be a dealer’s car in for an oil change. (more…)