Auto/Workers ‘Compensation

Business Auto Policy

The Business Auto Policy (BAP) is needed for all size ranges of business.  But, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of program. This policy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business owner.

Each trade or business has unique coverage needs.  Retail, wholesale and service businesses rely on the business auto policy to provide protection as they go about their daily business. The three parts to this BAP must be looked at carefully to provide the correct protection for the business.  Whether it’s liability coverage, first party protection, or physical damage coverage, all three sections must be carefully crafted to give the proper coverage.

Automobile service, repair, and sales garages can also participate in this category of coverage.  Their exposure to loss is unique to the garage operation and we understand the needs of this particular line of business.

Baron Insurance Group represents one of the largest business auto insurers in Pennsylvania, giving us access to excellent products. Our Commercial Agents are specifically trained in coverage analysis and placement, offering great protection and a reasonable price.

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Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation and employers’ liability policy contains three separate types of coverage.  Because the coverage is mandatory, the average business owner tends to minimize the impact of this policy coverage.

A few definitions first: Workers’ Compensation insurance is a type of business insurance that employers carry to provide medical and disability coverage for employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums are based on your company’s services and payroll.

Employers’ liability insurance, (typically offered as part of a Workers’ Compensation policy) protects a company against workers’ claims that an illness or accident was caused by that company’s unsafe working conditions.

The “other states coverage”  provides Workers’ Compensation and employers’ liability insurance coverage for an insured’s employees traveling through or temporarily working in states other than the insured’s home state. The endorsement expands the policy so that an injured employee can receive compensation benefits as prescribed by the other states listed on the endorsement.

What matters: Whether it is the Workers’ Compensation section, the employers’ liability section or the other states provision, it is very important to have the policy coverage selected properly. Why’s that?

Because the cost of this coverage can have substantial impact on the profitability of a business.  To minimize that cost, the Commercial Agents at Baron Insurance Group are trained to work with the business owner to control this bottom line cost.  Setting up programs to prevent worker injuries and helping to provide a safe work place are all necessary to having cost effective coverage.

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